Products & Services Overview

SOQUIJ publishes decisions from the judicial and administrative tribunals of Québec. Its high value-added products are marketed in user-friendly electronic formats (online case law databases,  e-newletters, RSS feed, etc.) to the legal, business and labour communities.

To promote greater accessibility to the justice system, we also offer free public access to all of the judgments rendered in Quebec through our Services aux citoyens pages. Looking for a court decision in English?

Available within the SOQUIJ PORTAL, our main products are:

RECHERCHE JURIDIQUE: Database of analyzed, classified and value-added case law, legislation and legal commentary.

Intelligent, easy, quick and economical – Recherche juridique provides access to all the legal information you need. The service contains over 1 million documents in the form of summaries and full texts. It also contains over 25,000 commentary records, with and without full texts and soon will be supplemented with nearly 900 statutes and 3,000 regulations. Every week, hundreds of documents covering every area of the law and all jurisdictions are added to the database.

The Recherche juridique advantage: Sélection SOQUIJ. These decisions are selected by SOQUIJ’s legal consultants through a rigorous process based on five criteria. They are then summarized, indexed and classified to make it easier for our users to find relevant decisions.

Recherche juridique and its reliable, user-friendly search engine can be accessed 24 hours a day. Using the filters, do a simple search and see the results on the same page.

PLUMITIFS: Database of judicial records from Quebec courthouses and municipal courts.

With Les Plumitifs, use your own computer for direct online access to civil, criminal and penal judicial records from Quebec courthouses and municipal courts. The service, which is updated daily, lets you search for criminal records, disputes, or prosecutions involving an individual or a business. It is a one-of-a-kind, centralized service available through the SOQUIJ Portal. We provide the quick and easy access, and you review the results.

COLLECTIONS: Annotated statutes, commentary, legislation guides.

Collection Wilson & Lafleur:

Collection Partenaires:

For additional information on the Collections, please contact our customer service representatives.

Annotated statutes, commentary, legislation guides; various electronic publications with links to relevant case law and legislation published on the SOQUIJ Portal.

LES EXPRESS: Customized e-newsletters with all the legal news you need, daily.

Important: Although some full-text decisions referred to in our products are available in English, the summaries and search tools (indexes, tables, user interface, etc.) are in French.

Keep up with legal news

Two newsletters, L’Express and L’Express Travail, keep you current on Quebec law by providing daily updates on recent developments in case law, legislation and commentary.
Receive daily or weekly updates by e-mail or RSS feed, follow the links to read summaries drafted by legal experts and full-text judgments, and so much more.

A subscription to Les Express provides access to:

  • summaries and full texts of selected decisions, at no extra charge
  • daily or weekly updates via e-mail or RSS feed
  • reports on legislation and legal commentary
  • thousands of links to cited documents
  • follow-ups on reported judgments
  • archives containing the last fifty issues

L’Express is a customized e-newsletter covering 17 different subjects and every area of law. It provides daily access to the most recent decisions in administrative, civil and criminal law as soon as they are published. It also provides weekly summaries and full texts of reported judgments, in addition to reports on legislation and legal commentary.

For every subject, users can choose whether or not to receive alerts when decisions are rendered in areas of the law corresponding to different fields of practice. To tailor your e-newsletter to your interests, select the degree of jurisprudential interest, one or more areas of law, one or more jurisdictions, and any other customization settings you wish.
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L'Express Travail
L’Express Travail is a specialized e-newsletter providing up-to-the-minute news about labour and employment law. It covers three subject areas: labour relations, disciplinary and non-disciplinary measures, and workplace accidents and occupational illnesses. Subscribers receive alerts when relevant decisions are rendered, as well as weekly access to summaries and reported decisions, reports on legislation, and legal commentary on the selected subjects.
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To tailor your e-newsletter to your interests, select the desired degree of jurisprudential interest, one or more areas of law, one or more jurisdictions, and any other customization options you wish.

Settings: All or Customized

  • All: All subjects, all areas of law, all degrees of jurisprudential interest, and all jurisdictions. The e-newsletter is delivered via e-mail and decisions, reports, and commentary are sorted by area of law.
  • Customized: Selected subjects and related areas of law, the degree of jurisprudential interest, the jurisdictions, and the method of delivery.


Set your preferences to confirm or modify e-newsletter settings and choose how the decisions, reports, legislation, and commentary are sorted (by area of law, jurisdiction, etc.). You can even choose a title for your Express (your name, for example) to ensure that the one you receive is really your own.

SOQUIJ's mission

We analyze, organize, enrich and publish the law in Quebec. Our added value supports professionals in their search for solutions and the public in its understanding of the law.

We are SOQUIJ.

Founded in 1976 by an act of the Quebec National Assembly, SOQUIJ operates under the authority of the Quebec Minister of Justice and is self-funded by the sale of its products and services.

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