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Translated decisions might not be accessible to handicapped persons using assistive technologies. Please visit our Accessiblity page to learn more. The Court of Appeal of Quebec, the Superior Court of Quebec, the Court of Quebec, the Human Rights Tribunal, the Professions Tribunal, the Ministère de la Justice of Quebec and the Société québécoise d'information juridique are pleased to offer unofficial English translations of their selected judgments. Learn more.

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Autorité des marchés financiers v. International Markets Live Inc. in Word format.

Because of the young and vulnerable clientele solicited by the respondents, it is in the public interest that they be ordered to cease acting as derivatives advisers and to cease trading in derivatives and securities, without a prior hearing


Roy v. Lefebvre in Word format.

Prescription of an action in warranty begins to run only on the date of the final judgment on the principal action


Agence du revenu du Québec v. Groupe Enico Inc. in Word format.

During a tax audit, the malice displayed by an ARQ representative who knowingly counted company expense accounts twice is gross and constitutes negligence, carelessness or serious incompetence tantamount to bad faith; the ARQ committed an abuse of power by withholding tax credits to offset a tax debt created by erroneous notices of assessment


R. v. Vachon in Word format.

The prosecution must disclose the evidence requested respecting the maintenance, repair and use or purchase of the breathalyzer and approved screening device even if that evidence is in the possession of a third party


R. v. Larouche in Word format.

After criticizing the legislative policies to suppress marijuana-related crime, the judge sentenced the respondent to a fine of $1 and a surcharge of $0.30, as well as a one-year probation order; the Court of Appeal refuses to intervene because the sentence was fit and proportionate to the minor gravity of the crime and the respondent’s liability


Rail v. R. in Word format.

The destruction of documents by a third party did not justify a stay of proceedings under s. 24(1) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the basis of the harm caused to the appellant, who was charged with fraud

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