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Translated decisions might not be accessible to handicapped persons using assistive technologies. Please visit our Accessiblity page to learn more. The Court of Appeal of Quebec, the Superior Court of Quebec, the Court of Quebec, the Human Rights Tribunal, the Professions Tribunal, the Ministère de la Justice of Quebec and the Société québécoise d'information juridique are pleased to offer unofficial English translations of their selected judgments. Learn more.

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Lefebvre v. R. in Word format.

The accused was charged with failing to comply with a demand of a peace officer to provide a breath sample pursuant to s. 254(2)(b) Cr.C.; because the attitude and conduct of the accused demonstrated that he pretended to blow and he acted in such a way as to avoid his legal obligation, the prosecution is not required to prove that the approved screening device was in good working order


Seggie v. Roofdog Games Inc. in Word format.

Because the plaintiff intentionally caused injury to the defendant’s reputation through the drafting of his proceedings in particular, he is ordered to pay $5,000 in punitive damages


Chemins de fer Québec-Gatineau inc. v. Commission des relations du travail in Word format.

The standard of correctness applies to the constitutional analysis performed by the Commission des relations du travail on derivative federal jurisdiction 


Ordre des optométristes du Québec v. Coastal contacts Inc. in Word format.

Quebec law does not apply to the activities of Coastal Contacts Inc., a corporation having its head office and an establishment in British Columbia; the professional services at issue were provided in British Columbia and the sales took place there


R. v. Lafortune in Word format.

The search of the petitioner’s briefcase before going through the security checkpoint at the courthouse was authorized under section 282.02.6 of the Courts of Justice Act and did not violate section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms  


R. v. Fréchette in Word format.

The three accused, a spiritual guide and her two acolytes, were convicted of criminal negligence causing bodily harm to one victim and the death of another following a sweat lodge session held during a personal growth seminar; they will serve custodial sentences of three and two years respectively


Autorité des marchés financiers v. Karatbars International, g.m.b.h. in Word format.

The notion of “investment contract” must be analyzed on the basis of the economic realities of this case, while adopting a broad interpretation to achieve the objective of protecting investors 


Deschêneaux v. Canada (Attorney General) in Word format.

The Superior Court of Quebec suspends the declaration of inoperability of paragraphs 6(1)(a), (c), and (f) and subsection 6(2) of the Indian Act until July 3, 2017 


Thibault v. R in Word format.

The former lieutenant-governor of Quebec, Lise Thibault, will serve the 18-month custodial sentence ordered in first instance following her guilty plea on charges of fraud and breach of trust


LSJPA - 165 in Word format.

The appellant youth, who was convicted at trial of trafficking marijuana and possession for the purpose of trafficking, has discharged his burden of proof by showing that the school principal was a person in authority when he took the youth's statement, making this statement inadmissible

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