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SOQUIJ : An Overview

Our mission

Founded in 1976 by the Government of Quebec, and attached to the Department of Justice, SOQUIJ's mission is to:

  • collect, analyze, distribute, and publish legal information originating from courts and other bodies,
  • present this information in the most complete and up-to-date form possible, while ensuring optimal organization and ease of access;
  • offer unrivalled expertise, user-friendly tools, exhaustive content, and excellent customer service;
  • for the benefit of its clients in the legal community, the business world, the workplace, and the general public.

Products & Services

SOQUIJ publishes decisions from the judicial and administrative tribunals of the Province of Québec. Its high value-added products are commercialized in paper format (case-law reports, newletters, etc...) and electronic format (Internet-based case-law databanks) to the legal, business and labour communities.

SOQUIJ's flagship products are:

AZIMUT, banques de données

AZIMUT, with its JURIS.DOC service, offers the largest selection of Québec jurisprudence through its Internet-based databanks. Search through full-text decisions or summaries, with our full-featured yet easy to use search interface.

AZIMUT also includes the Plumitifs service which provides searches through the computerized court docket (judicial and municipal).

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AZIMUT databases

Express e-newsletters

Weekly looseleaf case-law summaries : L’Express (all fields of law). L’Express travail (Labour). Other specialized newsletters are available every trimester.

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EXPRESS e-newsletters

Case-law reports

Recueil de jurisprudence du Québec (R.J.Q.), Recueil en droit immobilier (R.D.I.), Recueil en droit de la famille (R.D.F.), Recueil en responsabilité et assurance (R.R.A.), etc.

While some full-text decisions reported in our products are provided in the original English, the summaries and search tools (indexes, tables, web interface, etc.) are in French.

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